Bioinformatic Unit

The Bioinformatics Unit works in the CIC-IBMCC with the help and support of the Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics Research Group, to provide technical and scientific service on bioinformatics data analyses. The Unit has major expertise in the analysis of data from Affymetrix platforms, either genome-wide DNA-associated or RNA-associated data.

• Multiple comparative analysis of two states. Analysis for search and identification of genes - or other biomolecular entity as miRNAs, etc.- that are statistically significant obtained through statistical techniques of differential contrast of two states (Normal vs. Altered) with a minimum of 2 biological replicates for each state.
• Expression profiles of specific genes across multiple states / conditions /individuals. Integrated analysis of data for the identification of gene expression profiles.
• Functional analysis. Annotation and biologicalfunctional assignation based on enrichment studies and clustering methods. This type of analysis can be very broad and vary greatly depending on the objectives of each study.
• Software tools. The unit facilitates the use of various bioinformaticstools:
– Open Access software: Tools and databases provided to the scientific community by other research groups.
– Commercial software: Tools licensed by CIC-IBMCC and managed by the Unit, such as Ingenuity Pathways Analysis.
– Software developed by the unit: The unit and the research group of Dr. Javier De Las Rivas develop bioinformatics tools that are available to researchers. Some of them are: GATExplorerAPID Interactomes or GeneTerm Linker
• Custom Analysis. The unit also offers custom analysis for data sets of non-standard platforms and the expansion and deepening of studies and data sets that have been analyzed before.
• Advice and assistance. Frequently, regardless of budget studies, the unit performs numerous works of advice and assistance to the scientists and researchers of the CIC-IBMCC and the University Campus demanding concrete assistance in Bioinformatics.

Scientific Coordinator

Javier De Las Rivas

Tel.: 923 294 819

E-mail: jrivas@usal.es

Location and contact

Diego Alonso López
Tel.: 923 294 821
E-mail: diego.alonso@usal.es

Unidad de Bioinformática
Centro de Investigación del Cáncer
(CSIC-Universidad de Salamanca)
Campus Universitario Miguel de Unamuno s/n
E- 37007 Salamanca (ESPAÑA)