On behalf of all of us working at the CIC (Centro de Investigacion del Cancer USAL-CSIC), welcome to our web page and thanks for your interest in us.

The understanding of the basic mechanisms of cancer has improved spectacularly during the past twenty years through multiple scientific contributions from the scientific community at large. Our main goal at the CIC is to continue making significant contributions to the progress of cancer research by means of scientific activities while favoring translation of basic research advances to clinical applications at the level of diagnostics, prognostics or treatment. In other words, we are trying to be a productive Comprehensive Cancer Center, aiming at most effectively reaching the bedside from the laboratory.

Here, we are trying to offer adequate information regarding our organization, scientific programs and staff, as well as results of our research work, health services and academic activities.

We also want this page to serve as a conduit for you to communicate and interact with us. This page should facilitate your access to the services offered by the CIC, your attendance to our seminars, courses or symposia or even your direct external contribution, support or participation in our research enterprise.

We hope the information provided here is current and useful to both the scientific community and the general public interested in cancer. We invite you to make suggestions directed at improving the quality of this web page.

Eugenio Santos